Research and Strategy

Tired of being reactive? Would you like to have a clear roadmap of what is required for your brand to reach your revenue goals?

Our aim is to help brands thrive and remain relevant in their marketplace with the ever changing trends of their market.

For any marketing project you may have, we recommend you start with a strong foundation in research and planning of your brand touch points and target audience in order to collaboratively define how your initiatives will best reach your customers.


By working closely with you, we can ensure the direction your brand takes meets the values and ideals that it’s founded on, while also providing you with the best chances of success.

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Business and Market Assessment

Any successful branding journey begins with extensive research and discovery around your organisation and market place. We look at all angles of your current business, target market and positioning while accurately gauging your brand’s essence, values and concepts.

Through a workshop, our marketing experts will consult with your teams to review existing brand strategies, define KPIs, revenue goals and initiatives to reach these goals.




Strategies and Campaigns Planning

Do you need a clear roadmap for creating greater impact on your audience?

Our process involves analysing your positioning within the climate of the competitive market alongside carefully investigating your business trouble points. This enables us to develop strong strategies for your companies’ brand while solving business potholes.

Drawing upon the strategies, we develop an action plan that will provide a roadmap for all marketing initiatives required to achieve the revenue goals. It includes scope of work, timeline, KPIs and budget for ongoing marketing services.


Let's plan your way to success together.

Campaigns Performance Review

Do you want to know your ROI to assess your performance?

As technologies continue to evolve at an extremely fast pace, organisations struggle more and more to keep their marketing management relevant for such shifting landscapes. Over time, the old tactics of long-term planning strategies have become outdated. Business managers need to constantly monitor and review their initiatives in order to keep up the pace with the ever changing trends of their market.

Based on our analytics and monitoring tools, we review your KPIs, assess market evolutions and perform ROI calculations to gauge the efficiency of your campaigns. From there, we give you recommendations on how to adjust your initiatives to drive optimum results for your brand.


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Technical scoping

Do you have a system development project for which you require careful scoping and planning?

Every project of this nature has its own requirements, and as projects are getting more and more complex, scope issues are becoming a growing challenge for businesses. More than 50% of systems development project fail due to problems with scope control. Our main strategy to avoid scope creep is to adopt an agile approach throughout the length of the project.

Our software engineers, business analysts and designers will work with you to define the expected and desired results whilst developing a management plan for constant change during project execution. Through the establishment of strong quality control measures and ongoing stakeholder engagements, we ensure input is received from all in the iteration process as new knowledge is acquired during production.


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