The Yah Process

Our aim is to help brands thrive. Through every stage of planning, development, execution and future-proofing, Yah can give you the tools your brand needs to succeed.

Drawing on our expertise, we craft creative design suites to help brands stand out and excel in crowded marketplaces.



Any successful branding journey begins with extensive research and exploration. Yah looks at all angles of your current positioning while accurately gauging your brand’s essence, value and concepts. By working closely with you, we can ensure the direction your brand takes meets the values and ideals that it’s founded on, while also providing you with the best chances of success.

Beyond that, our process involves analysing your positioning within the climate of the competitive market. We do so via in-depth consumer research and a full SWOT analysis.

Working alongside your team, we can work out how to position and differentiate your brand.


After the brand discovery phase, we create everything you need to build a successful brand identity. This begins with the fundamental points of contact your audience has with the brand, such as the brand name and logo design. This is where we shape the first impressions your business will leave on your potential customers.

From there, our discovery process guides the overall brand message and the image your business represents. By combining these learnings with a full understanding of your target audience, we craft a brand identity that will appeal to your customers while staying true to your business’s values.

To ensure your identity remains steady over time, we also prepare a full style guide to keep your communications consistent with the new brand identity set.


We then take our brand research further by properly shaping the overall user experience. In every communicated aspect of your business, we can make sure your messaging and design are consistent with your brand identity.

Our experts implement a strong web design strategy to optimise both UI and UX, giving digital users the best possible engagement with your brand. We can also plan and implement a full social media strategy to keep your business front and centre of your target audience’s mind.

Our team of designers can also manage any physical marketing collateral associated with your brand, such as flyers or packaging design.